Linkedin – Account Based Prospector

How does it work?

  • Define your prospecting playbooks (searches, personas, seniorities)
  • Set your prospecting goal (ideal mix/rankings in each account)
  • Get the BEST people to target in your target account
  • Find their contact information
  • Push to Automation Tool, CRM or Spreadsheet

What can you do with this data?

  • Save 2.5 hours/rep EACH DAY
  • Extract 3X more leads vs. your current data provider (eg: Apollo, Zoominfo)
  • Find 2X more emails vs. your current data provider (80% match rate vs. 50%)
  • Automatically build account maps in CRM
  • Auto-segment prospects into the right sequences with the relevant messaging

Combine With:

  • Email Finder
  • Profile Enricher



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