Linkedin Research Bot

How Does It Work

  • Determine your linkedin search criteria
  • Set your data cleanup filters (eg: auto-filter bad results)
  • Capture and push data to your Automation Tool, CRM or Spreadsheet*

What Can You Do With This Data?

  • Save 2.5hrs/rep EACH DAY
  • Gather market intelligence
  • Build hyper-targeted lead segments

Use This Feature With:

  • Email Finder
  • Phone number finder

* KittAI was built to automate expensive manual workflows and enable hyper-relevant campaigns, not to scrape data for abusive use cases (resale, spam, etc).  Violations of these terms are monitored and strictly enforced.  


What makes Kitt AI’s Linkedin Bot Different?

1) More Powerful Workflows

Most Linkedin automation today simply “scrape” Linkedin search results without any type of intelligence.  You still need a person to complete the end to end prospecting flow:

  • Qualifying the account
  • Finding the best people in the account to contact
  • Segmenting the account/personas into the right campaings
  • Finding each contact information

KittAI allows you to automate this entire research workflow end-to-end, with playbooks like:

  • Account Based Prospecting
  • Building Account Maps (“who is in charge of sales?”)
  • Profiling orgs (“how many SDR managers do they have?”
  • Identifying technographics
  • etc


What makes 


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