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Impossible Email Finder

Up to 2.5X more verified contacts vs. alternatives (Zoominfo, Apollo, Datagma) and < 0.3% bounce rate Access this feature through:

  • Chrome Extension (Linkedin prospecting)
  • Google Sheet Extension (bulk enrichment)
  • API (integrate with CRM, Zapier, etc)

Impossible Email Validator

Other email tools can validate just 60% of email addresses.  The remaining 40% - "catchall emails" - can't be validated, leaving you with an impossible choice; losing out on 40% of your market or maintaining high deliverability. With KittAI, you no longer have to make this choice.  Our Catchall-Buster™ technology makes it possible to validate 98% of B2B emails with almost perfect accuracy. You can access this functionality through a number of widgets:


Impossible Job Change Detector

What Does It Do? Automatically detect job changes to trigger automations:

  • CRM contacts who change departments or leave their company
  • Net new prospects who come into your target Account List or Market.

Linkedin – Account Based Prospector

How does it work?

  • Define your prospecting playbooks (searches, personas, seniorities)
  • Set your prospecting goal (ideal mix/rankings in each account)
  • Get the BEST people to target in your target account
  • Find their contact information
  • Push to Automation Tool, CRM or Spreadsheet
What can you do with this data?
  • Save 2.5 hours/rep EACH DAY
  • Extract 3X more leads vs. your current data provider (eg: Apollo, Zoominfo)
  • Find 2X more emails vs. your current data provider (80% match rate vs. 50%)
  • Automatically build account maps in CRM
  • Auto-segment prospects into the right sequences with the relevant messaging
Combine With:
  • Email Finder
  • Profile Enricher

Linkedin – Account Map Builder

How Does It Work?

  • Define your exact personas
  • Set your target companies
  • Find EXACT org/headcount details
  • Push to your Automation Tool, CRM or Spreadsheet
What Can You Do With This Data?
  • Save 2.5 hours/rep EACH DAY
  • Understand/refine you ICP
  • Prequalify target accounts
  • Auto-segment prospects into the right campaigns
  • Build rich ABM (Account Based Marketing) flows

Linkedin – Company Enrichment

Enrich company level data using live linkedin data including:

  • Website
  • Employees On Linkedin
  • Tagline
  • Company Description
  • Industry
  • and more!

Linkedin – Persona Headcount Finder

Given a domain and precise persona description (eg: "number of sales reps with >12 months tenure"), calculates the exact number of people who fit that persona under that company's Linkedin.

Linkedin Research Bot

How Does It Work

  • Determine your linkedin search criteria
  • Set your data cleanup filters (eg: auto-filter bad results)
  • Capture and push data to your Automation Tool, CRM or Spreadsheet*
What Can You Do With This Data?
  • Save 2.5hrs/rep EACH DAY
  • Gather market intelligence
  • Build hyper-targeted lead segments
Use This Feature With:
  • Email Finder
  • Phone number finder
* KittAI was built to automate expensive manual workflows and enable hyper-relevant campaigns, not to scrape data for abusive use cases (resale, spam, etc).  Violations of these terms are monitored and strictly enforced.