Tired of Stale GoToMarket Data?

Kitt automates your most advanced prospecting & lead qualification flows in the cloud, with software robots.

Why Kitt?

Better Than A Data Provider

Never Stale

Build your database from live public/private data.  Pick a refresh interval to stay up to date. 

Literally 2X More Results

DOUBLE the number of verified contact emails vs. data providers like Zoominfo/Apollo (with less than 0.3% bounce rate)

Human-Like Reach

Replicate the most advanced manual research flows across any data source (even ones that “can’t be scraped“)


Use pre-trained or custom GPT-3 commands to transform data, personalize messaging & more

Experiment With Plugins

Enrich your data on-demand with our Google Sheets plugin, Chrome Extension or CRM integrations.

Automate With APIs

Invoke workflows directly from CRM to put prospecting and enrichment jobs on auto-pilot

Our Story

From Internal Tool
To Break Out Hit

In 2022 we tried to build an automated outbound engine on the most popular contact databases but found it couldn’t be done.

More than half our market was missing, the emails seemed to be totally made up (‘validated’ emails had a 10% bounce rate and cut our open rates in half).

We spent a year building Kitt.ai to fix this problem and once it was finished, our RevOps friends demanded we commercialize it.



Get started in seconds

Create your free account in seconds and get free credits that never expire

Enrich Your Data

Use our GSheet plugin or API to invoke real-time enrichment jobs.

Build Lists

Use your social profiles or open sources account databases to build new target lists

Keep Your Data Clean

Use automation to bring in new leads, keep track of changes in your customer base and dozens of other use cases.


Build a Custom Solution with an expert

If you’re new to using robots, just book a time with one of our experts to learn more.

Paid plans also come with consulting services built in to ensure you can make the most of our automation capabilities. 

Easier, Faster, Cheaper… pick three 😀


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