Literally double the number of contacts you market to

With robots, you can find way more contact emails that also bounce less

Email Finders Today Are Broken

Databases Are Stale

With turnover growing across all industries, >25% of contact database data is out of date

Catchall Domains

Most email finders can find business emails for just 40% of contacts on Linkedin (vs. Kitt AI’s 80%)

Bounce Too Much

Email verifiers love to tell you up to 10% bounce rate is “standard”.  But a bounce rate >1% is more than enough to get your emails labeled as SPAM

Require Verification

This increases your costs, complicates your operations and adds more points of failure to your marketing process 

Steal/Resell Your Data

Virtually all data providers ingest your data, then resell it to other customers (emails, phone numbers, etc).  When you churn, they say you must delete all their contact data from your CRM. 

Not GDPR/CCPA Compliant

Data providers aggregate data across so many vendors that it’s virtually impossible for them to be truly GDPR/CCPA compliant

Robots Can Do So Much Better

Advanced Domain Discovery

Enterprise emails are hard to find.  Our bots intelligently discover email domains through use cases like acquisitions, subdivisions, holding companies, and more.

Catchall Busting &
Account Verification

Catchall busting allows us to search emails on the most secure email servers.  We can even verify whether your contacts has left the company.  

Integrated Waterfall Enrichment & Verification

Where our live search fails, we fall back to multiple data providers and automatically verify the data each one provides before giving it back to you.

Why This Works....

Our robots combine the workflows of a person (RPA), the intelligence of an SDR (GPT-4) and the skills of a software engineer (Kitt AI) to find and validate emails on the most secure email domains.

They work in real-time and purge all data after job completion, bypassing all security and compliance issues.

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