No More SPAM
Signups or Form Submissions

With robots, you can check form submission/signups in real-time

Today's Anti SPAM Tools Don't Work

Captchas Are Solvable

Captchas are constantly being beaten with human click farms, AI and the open sources community

IP Blocking Is Flawed

Targeting proxies blocks legitimate traffic from enterprise customers, and most clickfarms can piggyback residential IP addresses to seem ‘safe’

Email Verifiers Fall Short

Most email verifiers can validate just 60% of email addresses, and especially fall short on high value corporate email domains

Robots Can Do So Much Better

Our robots combine the workflows of a person (RPA), the intelligence of an SDR (GPT-4) and the skills of a software engineer (Kitt AI) to find and validate emails on the most secure email domains.

They work in real-time and purge all data after job completion, bypassing all security and compliance issues.

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