Know about job changes before anyone else

Find net new prospects entering your market, and track job changes in your customer base with unmatched accuracy and speed

Job Change Tracking Is Broken

Email validation is not enough

Emails remain valid long after contacts leave, or they can’t be validated at all (“catchall domains”)

LinkedIn monitoring is hard to scale

Too time consuming to do manually, impossible to scale using tools like PhantomBuster

Contact Databases are Stale and Expensive

They cover a small fraction of your market and take months to refresh data

Robots Can Do So Much Better

Our robots combine the workflows of a person (RPA), the intelligence of an SDR (GPT-4) and the skills of a software engineer (Kitt AI) to find and validate emails on the most secure email domains.

They work in real-time and purge all data after job completion, bypassing all security and compliance issues.

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