DOUBLE your email open rates by no longer bouncing emails

Breakthrough robotic verification technology drops bounce rate <0.1%

Today's Email Verifiers Are Broken

Email Databases Are Stale

With turnover growing across all industries, >25% of contact database data is out of date

Catchall Emails

40% of b2b emails can’t be verified using traditional email validation (SMTP checks) because enterprises block them

Inaccurate Results

Email checkers have an average bounce rate >2%.  However, it takes only 0.3% bounce rate to recognize your emails as SPAM.

Robots Can Do So Much Better

Catchall Busting

Validate 90% of email addresses using advanced research bots that use multiple sources and methods

Alias Detection

Be sure the person you’re trying to reach actually still works there!  Avoid getting marked as spam by emails that forward to other people


Connect with your CRM/Email tools to verify contacts only when they’re scheduled to receive emails.  Get higher accuracy at a lower cost.

Why This Works...

Our robots combine the workflows of a person (RPA), the intelligence of an SDR (GPT-4) and the skills of a software engineer (Kitt AI) to find and validate emails on the most secure email domains.

They work in real-time and purge all data after job completion, bypassing all security and compliance issues.

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