Stop Getting SPAM Emails!

A free tool to opt out of the B2B sales email databases


How does this work?

When you complete the form, our robots are dispatched to automatically unsubscribe you from the top sales email databases.

Which Data Providers?

We cover the 5 largest data providers right now and are constantly adding more. 

You can opt-in on the form above to get unsubscribed from more sources as we add support for them.  We anticipate covering ~15 before the end of the year.

Will you resell my data?

We have no need to keep/resell your contact information – our software leverages robots to find contact data in REAL TIME to ensure deliverability, so we don’t use contact databases (also helps with CCPA, GDPR, etc)


What do I need to do?

Once the robot completes its opt-out (this may take a couple days depending on our queue size), you will start to get emails from the providers above either confirming your opt out OR requesting you to click a link to confirm your opt-out.  That’s it 😉

Why is this free?

We’re on a mission to make outbound sales/marketing as effective as Google Search by enabling companies to do DEEP prospect research at scale with 🤖.

So the reason we’re doing this for free are…

(1) We don’t like data providers’ business practices (lie to customers & consumers)

(2) We hate being the victim of SPAM emails ourselves

(3) It helps us educate the market on a better way to approach outbound, for up to 80% less money than using humans to spam/burn leads.

How long will it take?

As you can imagine, we’re seeing very high demand for this (free) app.

We keep adding more resources as our backlog grows, but please give it 48 hours to start seeing your opt-outs process before opening a support request.

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